Color Block Top

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Just because you're wearing a blouse, doesn't mean it has to be tucked in, especially if it's longer in length. Pairing it with some straight leg or skinny pants helps to balance out the look but keep it professional at the same time. These LOFT ankle pants are da bomb dot com.

This may be a tad too casual for those of you in more conservative business environments but it works wonderfully for me. Actually you can get away with a lot of things because the white coat covers it up, but I'll save that for another post ;)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Don't mind the lines on my face, it's my hair falling...was too lazy to edit it out.

Top: Dillard's (same)
Pants: LOFT Marisa Ankle (same) on sale!
Shoes: Kensie Trudie Flats

In the Navy

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3/4 length sleeves are perfect for this weather. I absolutely love the green and navy color combination and thick stripes which happens to match perfectly with my new navy Marisa Straight Leg pants from LOFT I bought over the weekend. They had a flash 60% off sale items last night so I picked up a few more things that you'll most likely end up seeing in the next few weeks on here! I am obsessed with LOFT right now (especially their pants) and think it'll be one of my go to stores now. I'm getting too old for the juniors section and value quality over quantity nowadays.

Shirt: JcPenney (same)
Pants: Ann Taylor LOFT (same)
Belt: Forever21 (old)
Shoes: Me Too Legend Flats (same)

Neon for Fall

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Fall is in the air! It's been a sweltering past week and I mean sweltering! Think upper 90's. Then BAM Monday comes and it's time for Fall. Guess mother nature didn't feel it was necessary to gradually bring us into the next season. I don't mind because I was able to bust out this lovely ensemble of black and white damask pants with my lacy neon yellow top. Who says professional clothing can't be fun? Excuse the crookedly draped couch....

I had a close up of my shirt but blogger just does not want to flip it correctly...oh well. 

Pants: Old Navy - Diva Skinny Pant (same style)
Shirt: Old Navy (similar | similar)
Shoes: Kensie Trudie Flat in Black Leather

Review: Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

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After years of never really using a top coat and waiting forever for my nail polish to try (which usually doesn't turn out well b/c of accidental smudging) I finally decided to look for a good fast dry top coat. After seeing the rave reviews about this $9.50 (at least that's the price at my Ulta) bottle of fast drying top coat I decided to give it a try. In quick, it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, but nothing is ever perfect and it this top coat does have its not so good points.

My nail color was looking streaky though opaque, after 2 coats and when I applied seche vite's top coat it totally wiped away the streaks! It was just smooth nail color and super shine! Just look at it! Also, it does dry super fast - in about 10 min you're pretty much good to go. Now, I'm not saying you can go and start doing heavy duty work, but normal tasks are ok (which they weren't for me before). In addition, it prevented my color from chipping for about 3 days. The rimmel nail color by the way is called Milk Chocolate, excuse my icky cuticles.

I don't think it's the healthiest thing for our nails though. I mean, it's gotta have some pretty gnarly chemicals to work like that. I don't remember them exactly so feel free to go look it up yourself if it is important to youl. Also, after about 4 days (when your nail color starts to chip) it causes the color to start peeling - like you can literally peel off the nail color in sheets. The pretty shine also wears off and gets dull in about 4 days as well. 

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